Counting the days!

Just a quick post to let you know I have posted a reminder note on the Reunion News tab about the organizational meeting happening in June.

Please take a moment to go there, jot down the date/time and PLAN TO ATTEND!

We need and welcome any/all input, help and contributions you are willing to make! That could include:

  • Volunteering your time (for set-up, clean-up, children’s games, etc.)
  • Your ideas (food, games, family history activities, displays, pictures, heirlooms, funny stories for Knapp Notes)
  • Chef’s skills (Knapp Family Association will provide main entrees) but everyone is invited to bring a dish to share. Attend the organizational meeting to stake your claim to your “signature” dish!
  • Share/bring sporting equipment (bats, balls, gloves, nets, rackets, etc.)
  • Artistic skills (signage, banners, name tags, etc.)
  • Family research contributions (I know I can’t be the only one who has caught the genealogy bug in the family!) Email digital copies to and I will post them.
  • NOTE: If you send me your recipes, we could publish a Knapp Family Cookbook! I am dying to do an e-book version and would gladly volunteer to do that. But I need your help: SEND ME YOUR RECIPES!!! Cookbook sales could help defer costs.
  • And the good old stand-by: financial support (i.e., money!)

In short, there are many ways  you can choose to help. We welcome anyone who is interested to attend the organizational meeting.

Uncle Gary and I look forward to seeing you all there! Have a great weekend, gang!

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Moledor/Knapp connections

Moledor Brothers, (Back Row) Philip & Adam, (Front Row) Henry & John

Moledor Brothers, (Back Row) Philip & Adam, (Front Row) Henry & John

When the father of a fourth great-grandson of John Knapp and Agnes Trares Knapp wrote to me recently, I was reminded of when I was bitten by the genealogy bug.

This post is a shout-out to a Knapp cousin by marriage, Tommy Woodward, who (just like yours truly) is hunting down his spouse’s ancestors so that his son can know just as much about his mother’s Knapp, Moledor and Trares ancestors as he does his Woodward heritage.

Just in case you missed Tommy’s comment he made on the blog, here it is below:

I am very interested in your detailed accounts on the Knapp, Trades and Wise lines, I wish there was someone as dedicated doing my own family lines (with the exception of my maternal line Hayden I doubt anyone can come close). I am interested in your research for my son Curtis, he is of Knapp ancestry through his mother Ann Moledor Woodward. His grandfather was the late Lamar C Moledor, his father Carl Lewis Moledor, all who resided in Kent, then to Peter Moledor who moved there from Randolph; to Barbara Knapp who married John Knapp whose parents came over from Germany in 1831. So he is a fourth great grandson of John and Agnes Elizabeth Trades Knapp. I research his side on his mother’s side when I have time so his children and so on may have his maternal as well as my side. Look forward to future post, Tommy Woodward

The photo shown above is of the Moledor brothers: Philip, Adam, Henry and John — all sons of John Moledor and Anna Mary Berg. John Moledor was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany on 11 Jan 1818 and died on 11 Apr 1876 in Randolph Township, Portage, Ohio. Anna Mary Berg was also born in Germany and died in June 1901. These are our immigrant Moledor ancestors.

This one is for Tommy and his son, Curtis. Happy ancestor hunting, guys!

Also: check the Reunion News tab for the latest updates about the 2015 Knapp Family Reunion!





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Moving a town landmark

For those of you who remember when the old feed and grain store on Main Street was a train station, tRR_Station_Kent_Ohio.JPGhis little red building may stir a few memories…

Built in 1881, it was most recently a feed and supply store. But that business closed in 2012.

Earlier this year, the former Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad depot was in danger of being torn down. Carter Lumber purchased the building in 2012 and offered it to the city of Kent.

But Kent didn’t want it. And the Kent Historical Society didn’t have the financial resources to take on another property.

That’s when local businessman Ted Klaassen, Jr., stepped forward to save the former train station.

At the end of July, the building was lifted off its foundation and moved to Klaassen’s property across the street. Eventually, the building will be rotated and placed on its permanent foundation so the side that faced the rails will continue to point towards them.

Newspaper reports indicate Klaassen plans to use the building for storage. I am just glad someone stepped forward to save this local landmark.

Well done, Mr. Klaassen!

See step-by-step pictures of the actual move and read more about the journey across the street.

And a big thanks to the Akron Railroad Club for posting all of these wonderful photos of the move on their blog!

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FOUND: New York branch of Andes family

Peter Frank Antes (1870 - 1926)

Peter Frank Antes
(1870 – 1926)

In case you are wondering who the dapper gentleman in the photograph is – he is Paul Kurst’s great-grandfather, Peter Frank ANTES, who was born on Christmas Eve in 1870 in Erbach, Hessen, Germany and died 24 May 1926, in Bronx, Bronx, New York.

Peter Frank ANTES married Wilhelmina (Minnie) Katherine Müller on 23 Oct 1901 in Manhattan, Kings, New York. She was born in July 1872 in New York and died 4 July 1919 in Bronx, Bronx, New York.

Paul Kurst contacted me not long ago and requested access to Knapp Notes. Before Paul reached out to me, I had no idea there was a branch of the Andes family who had settled in the New York area. That’s why his willingness to share information about this side of the family is so much appreciated.

Paul has shared a document outlining how his line is related to our KNAPP line. I posted it on Knapp Notes under Document Gallery >> Misc >> GH Antes Ancestors.

It seems Mr. Kurst and the Knapp clan share a common ancestor back in Germany: Johann Wilhelm ANTES, father of our immigrant ancestor, Peter ANDES, who came to America and died in Randolph, Portage, Ohio in 1850.

Johann Wilhelm ANTES was born 22 May 1728 in Kirschausen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. He married Anna Katharina EISENHAUER, who was born 4 Dec 1739 and died 8 Feb 1799 in Germany. Their son, Peter, came to America sometime after 1780.

It will be interesting to see if Paul and I can track down more of Peter Andes’s siblings and find out what happened to them.

Anyone wishing to comment or share information can send us an email.

Happy ancestor hunting!

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Net neutrality – what it is and why you should care

I subscribe to several genealogy services which help make my research a lot easier and much more productive than it was back in the old days. I am also a big fan of the free resources offered on the internet, like Cyndi’s List, Find A Grave and the great site run by LDS All great resources – and so many of which are free, which is great if you’re doing research with a shoestring budget.

That is why I was very concerned when I opened my newsletter from Mocavo‘s Michael J. Leclerc and read more about a term which was new to me: Net Neutrality.

What does Net Neutrality mean? It means no matter how big or small you are, everyone has equal access on the internet. Net neutrality levels the playing field for everyone.  A small company has as good a chance at growing and succeeding as a larger company.

Take that away and we all stand to lose.

Michael Leclerc has written a great article about the decision by the federal courts which has dealt a serious blow to Net Neutrality:

One of the basic precepts of the internet has been equal access for all. No matter how large or small your company or your web presence, your ability to reach customers was the same as everyone else. This week federal courts ruled that current FCC rules maintaining Net Neutrality are illegal. What does this mean?

It means that internet service providers (ISPs)can now charge whatever they want for access. They are also free to make deals with individual companies to provide “fast” access to their website, while dropping other websites to such a crawl that one would not be able to properly use them. This will give these large companies the ability to shut out other websites.

This will limit the ability of new organizations to come along and introduce new products. No one would be able to see them. They would not have the opportunity to grow.

I hope you take a moment to read Michael’s article and (even more important) take the time to make your views known to Congress. There are links in Michael’s article to additional CNN coverage and also how to voice your opinions about the subject. 

If you have an opinion about this subject, please post it.

Online MBA Programs

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Preserving family history – one artifact at a time

KNAPP_Lewis_J.As many of you may know, I enjoy roaming through antique malls and browsing flea markets for interesting finds. When I do, I often find old photos, family bibles and other family heirlooms included in the wares displayed for sale.

This always makes me sad. Unfortunately, it happens all too often. A person passes away and relatives are left to decide what to do with their personal belongings. A lifetime’s worth of treasured photos and other memorabilia now in the hands of strangers.

And I am not the only person who feels that way. Today I ran across a website that seeks to connect family treasures with the families who once owned them.

Goodwill Genealogists searches for family photos, bibles, genealogies and other artifacts and purchases them. Once the items are acquired, Goodwill Genealogists carefully digitizes them and uploads them to their website where anyone can find them. If you find a family treasure, you can copy the information from their site. Sometimes, the original item may be available for purchase and so can be “reunited” with the family who originally owned the item.

Naturally, this effort involves a cost. Goodwill Genealogists encourage people who use the site and find it useful to make a donation to continue to fund their efforts.

I know I will be checking the site regularly to see if any family treasures appear in its pages.  If you do find something and want to talk with them about acquiring the original artifacts, email them at

Happy ancestor hunting!

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Another reunion year has come and gone…

Arlo Knapp had way too much fun at the 2013 Knapp Family Reunion!

Arlo Knapp had way too much fun at the 2013 Knapp Family Reunion!

It is hard to believe, but another year has come and gone…

Our lives are so busy nowadays we often forget to stop and touch base with each other, to find out what is going on in each of our busy lives. Opportunities to sit and talk with relatives we haven’t seen in a long time are far too few. So yesterday it was nice to be outside on such a beautiful day and spend time with those we love.

Spending a few hours talking, eating all that marvelous food and maybe playing a game or two of euchre (a Knapp tradition) or corn hole or just hanging out…

Thanks to everyone who helped with this year’s event. As usual, all of the cooks who contributed a specialty outdid themselves. And a special thanks to grill masters Tim Knapp (burgers) and Mark Knapp (brats and dogs) who manned the four grills. Hats off to you both!

To those of you who couldn’t make it this year – we hope to see you at the next one!

I just posted photos on the Reunion News tab – please feel free to tell me what captions you want me to add on the photos.

Also, Cousin Mike Wise from Georgia will be in town next week. Anyone interested in getting together with Mike to learn more about the Wise side of the family – contact me via email or by phone to make plans.

ALSO: If you took photos you want to share, email them to Knapp Notes and I will post them.

See you all again soon!

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Countdown to the 2013 Knapp Family Reunion



Don’t forget to check the Reunion News tab for the latest update on the festivities planned for this year’s reunion. This page is password-protected, so if anyone has any trouble accessing the information, let me know.

Information about all the details, including date, time, place, menu, what to bring, activities and other stuff is all listed there on the Reunion News tab.

Also included is Uncle Gary’s phone and email contact information, if you need to contact him to let him know you and your family members will be joining us.

We hope to see everyone there!

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Next reunion planning meeting is: June 2

Aster DaisiesCalling all members of the Knapp clan!

Our next reunion planning meeting is scheduled for June 2 – click on the Reunion tab for all the details.

Also: I would like to add more Knapp family recipes to the recipe collection. If we get a nice selection, we could print a cookbook. Please send all of your favorite recipes to Please include the story that goes along with the recipe, such as where you got the recipe, was it someone’s favorite or signature dish, etc.

And we’re not restricted to Knapp recipes – if any of our Wise, May, Trares, Andes or other cousins have recipes they wish to share – that’s OK, too.

I apologize for not posting much on the blog, but I am still recovering from a rather nasty upper respiratory bug. Mark filled in for me at the St. Paddy’s Day reunion meeting. I hope to see you all at the one in June, however.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter – and watch out for the 5″ of snow the weather people are forecasting for Monday!

Think spring, folks!

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March 17 – Reunion Planning Meeting

Attention all northeast Ohio Knapp clan members – there is a family reunion planning meeting scheduled for March 17. Please click on the Reunion tab above for details about the meeting.

Note: the Reunion tab is password-protected. If you have any problems accessing the page, please contact me.

Hope to see many of you at the meeting! Extra pairs of hands to help are always welcome!

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