Close Call in Fallbrook

John R. Knapp, son of John P. and Sophie Knapp, narrowly escaped a fast moving wildfire raging through the San Diego area. Yesterday morning he was forced to evacuate his home in Fallbrook, Calif., after a sheriff’s deputy knocked on his door and ordered him to leave when flames got too close to the Rancho Monserate Country Club retirement community where he lives.

With no time to grab anything, he left immediately, not knowing whether his home would still be standing when he returned.

After watching the fire burn from a safe distance for five or six hours, John returned to his neighborhood. He was shocked to discover that his home had survived the blaze. Unfortunately, many of his neighbors were not so lucky. Dozens of mobile homes in the community were destroyed.

The local TV news crew interviewed John about his narrow escape. While John is thankful his home is still intact, he is very concerned about his neighbors and how they will deal with the loss of their homes.

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2 Responses to Close Call in Fallbrook

  1. Michael Wise says:

    So glad to hear they are safe and their house survived the fire. Michael Wise


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