Summit County History

While doing some genealogy research this week, I ran across an obituary for a person who died at Akron People’s Hospital. Since the date on the obituary was 1940, I had no idea which hospital this was since this was more than a few years before my time.

I did a Google search and learned that Akron People’s Hospital was incorporated in 1914 and is today known as Akron General Hospital. Who knew?

But even more important, while satisfying my curiosity about this bit of trivia, I ran across a site I just had to share. Have a few moments to browse collections of some of Summit County’s most interesting historical photographs?

If the answer is yes, then knock your socks off and check out the Summit Memory website.

This site has a treasure trove of various resources (not just old photos!) to share, including:

  • Online Map Room. A collection of historic maps and atlases of Akron and Summit County. This collection was created through a collaboration between the University of Akron Libraries and the Special Collections Division.
  • Reproductions. Want to get a copy of your favorite historical photo to frame and display? Check out the Reproductions tab for more information.
  • Collections. Browse through the list of collections and find something that interests you, such as:
    • Akron Beacon Journal Photo Collection
    • Akron Remembers 1968
    • Alumni Association of Akron City Hospital School of Nursing
    • B.F. Goodrich Collection
    • Civil War Collection
    • Stan Hywet Hall

This is just a small sample of what they have posted.

The Summit Memory project is a countywide, collaborative effort to make available some of the remarkable local history collections maintained by the Akron Public Library’s partner institutions.

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2 Responses to Summit County History

  1. Michael Wise says:

    Thanks. Gre


  2. Miriam KInapp Baughman says:

    Dear Ann, I am a descendent of Jean Michael Knapp and Magdalena Roth Knapp. They are buried in St. Joseph church cemetery, first row, 3rd grave by the side of the church. They came from Menchhoffen, France in 1828 to Portage County. I would love to connect with you to see if we are related. Miriam Knapp Baughman 330 494 2583, or Our family currently has a project going to place an in the ground marker in front of our immigrant ancestor grave marker, because the old marker cannot be read except for the name “Knapp”.


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