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Can you identify Uncle Gary?

Tim De Frange kindly shared this vintage photo with us. Thanks, Tim! As you may remember from a previous post, Tim shares some common ancestors with us via the Eichler connection. If you don’t remember the post I wrote about the Eichler … Continue reading

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The poll continues…

Just in case you haven’t checked the results of the poll lately that asks the question: Does our TRARES ancestor look an awful lot like my husband, Mark? Here are the results: NO: 1 VOTE – So far, only one … Continue reading

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Peter J. Trares – 1st photo of a Trares ancestor!

I ran across a family tree on the other day that featured the first photo of a TRARES that I have run across during my research. I showed it to Mark and he saw the same thing I did … Continue reading

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Voice your opinion: Take the poll!

Just a quick plea from the author of this blog to take the poll asking whether you want the Knapp Family Reunion to be an: A. Annual Event B. Semi-Annual Event C. Happen once every 5 years This is important … Continue reading

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Knapp Family Reunion: 2011 or 2012?

The Knapp Family Association is wondering when we should plan to have the next family gathering. Now is the time to weigh in on the question of how frequently we want to host the family gathering: Every year (make it … Continue reading

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Public or private?

When I first created this site, I wasn’t sure how you would feel about sharing your family history and photos with everyone, so I password protected the Our Heritage, Document Gallery and Photo Gallery sections of this blog. I am … Continue reading

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