Counting the days!

Just a quick post to let you know I have posted a reminder note on the Reunion News tab about the organizational meeting happening in June.

Please take a moment to go there, jot down the date/time and PLAN TO ATTEND!

We need and welcome any/all input, help and contributions you are willing to make! That could include:

  • Volunteering your time (for set-up, clean-up, children’s games, etc.)
  • Your ideas (food, games, family history activities, displays, pictures, heirlooms, funny stories for Knapp Notes)
  • Chef’s skills (Knapp Family Association will provide main entrees) but everyone is invited to bring a dish to share. Attend the organizational meeting to stake your claim to your “signature” dish!
  • Share/bring sporting equipment (bats, balls, gloves, nets, rackets, etc.)
  • Artistic skills (signage, banners, name tags, etc.)
  • Family research contributions (I know I can’t be the only one who has caught the genealogy bug in the family!) Email digital copies to and I will post them.
  • NOTE: If you send me your recipes, we could publish a Knapp Family Cookbook! I am dying to do an e-book version and would gladly volunteer to do that. But I need your help: SEND ME YOUR RECIPES!!! Cookbook sales could help defer costs.
  • And the good old stand-by: financial support (i.e., money!)

In short, there are many ways  you can choose to help. We welcome anyone who is interested to attend the organizational meeting.

Uncle Gary and I look forward to seeing you all there! Have a great weekend, gang!

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2 Responses to Counting the days!

  1. Julie Wise says:

    We have never attended the Knapp Reunion but would like to this year as part of the Wise family. I cannot remember my password to get on the Reunion News page. We can bring a special food item and could possibly come to the organizational meeting but when and where is it?

    Thanks so much for putting all this together!
    Julie Wise


    • knappnotes says:

      I just shot you an email with some information about the reunion. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and at the reunion! The more the merrier!

      Ann Richardson-Knapp


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