We want you!

MC900436222We want you – at the 2017 Knapp Family Reunion!

Calling all members of the Knapp clan! Check out the Reunion News tab for the Save the Date announcement from Uncle Gary Knapp!

Watch the Reunion News tab for the date and time of the next reunion planning meeting. We need help and volunteers for a variety of tasks, including food, set up, clean up, games and activities, etc.

Also, you’re invited to submit family recipes to Knapp Notes as well. If we get enough submissions, we could print a Knapp Family Cookbook.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2017!


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4 Responses to We want you!

  1. Julie Wise says:

    I always have trouble getting on this website, even with the password. I just want to know the details about the reunion!
    Julie Wise


  2. Michael Wise says:

    Hello Ann,Many thanks for the invitation, but I won’t be able to make it. My best wishes for all the Knapp cousins. Thank you, Michael C. Wise


  3. Julie Wise says:

    Dear Cousin, I’m not able to access the site without a password. Can you help, please? Thanks!

    Julie Wise



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