FOUND: New York branch of Andes family

Peter Frank Antes (1870 - 1926)

Peter Frank Antes
(1870 – 1926)

In case you are wondering who the dapper gentleman in the photograph is – he is Paul Kurst’s great-grandfather, Peter Frank ANTES, who was born on Christmas Eve in 1870 in Erbach, Hessen, Germany and died 24 May 1926, in Bronx, Bronx, New York.

Peter Frank ANTES married Wilhelmina (Minnie) Katherine Müller on 23 Oct 1901 in Manhattan, Kings, New York. She was born in July 1872 in New York and died 4 July 1919 in Bronx, Bronx, New York.

Paul Kurst contacted me not long ago and requested access to Knapp Notes. Before Paul reached out to me, I had no idea there was a branch of the Andes family who had settled in the New York area. That’s why his willingness to share information about this side of the family is so much appreciated.

Paul has shared a document outlining how his line is related to our KNAPP line. I posted it on Knapp Notes under Document Gallery >> Misc >> GH Antes Ancestors.

It seems Mr. Kurst and the Knapp clan share a common ancestor back in Germany: Johann Wilhelm ANTES, father of our immigrant ancestor, Peter ANDES, who came to America and died in Randolph, Portage, Ohio in 1850.

Johann Wilhelm ANTES was born 22 May 1728 in Kirschausen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. He married Anna Katharina EISENHAUER, who was born 4 Dec 1739 and died 8 Feb 1799 in Germany. Their son, Peter, came to America sometime after 1780.

It will be interesting to see if Paul and I can track down more of Peter Andes’s siblings and find out what happened to them.

Anyone wishing to comment or share information can send us an email.

Happy ancestor hunting!

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