John Sebastian Trares

For those of you with a connection to John Sebastian TRARES, below is a photo of his home in Edwardsville, Ill., which, as you may remember from one of my earlier posts, is now a funeral home.

This photo arrived in my email inbox courtesy of Br. James-Peter Trares, who recently made a trip to Edwardsville to learn more about John S. Trares.

Reminder: If there are any TRARES connections in the St. Louis or Edwardsville area who wish to connect with Br. James-Peter, please drop me an email at Knapp Notes so I can forward his contact information to you.


Home of John Sebastian TRARES in Edwardsville, IL., now used as a funeral home. Photo courtesy of Br. James-Peter Trares

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1 Response to John Sebastian Trares

  1. Joan Louise Trares Genne' says:

    Hi again
    I am Joan Trares Genne’
    I lived in Edwrdsville for two years and our house was around the corner from the Trares Home now a Funeral Home…I was last there for a cousins funeral about 20 years ago. with my parents.
    and I attended St Boniface elementary school as did my father Jerome.

    My Father was Jerome John Trares B 6-09-1911 Troy IL D -4-27 1995
    Married to 3-2-1935 Gladys A Stieb B 10- 25-1914 D 5-10-2002
    His father was Victor John Trares B-7-10-1886 Akron OH D 1-14-1959 Alton Il
    Married to Bertha Johanna Hildegard Stolze B- 1-14-1885 Edwardsville IL D 1-2-1978 Belleville IL
    2nd marriage to Carmen Courtney 11-28-1935
    His father was Peter J.Trares B 8-24-1859-Chagin Falls OH D-1916
    Married 11-19-1881 to Susan Knapp B 1861 Ohio D-
    I have the family portrait of Peter J Trares & children and Great Grandmother Susan Knapp
    (who was a redhead) hanging in my family room.
    His father was John Lewis Trares B 3-17-1825 Kirschhause Hesse Germany
    D 2-17-1904 Suffield OH
    Married 5-22-1850 to Nancy Maryann Knapp B 5-13-1830 D 5-28-1896
    I would be curious to know who Br James Peter Trares is and where his parents were born since
    I have never heard of him…I was born 4-23-1937 two years after my parents were married and lived in Edwardsville….The mystery goes on…
    I do know that John S. Trares and John Lewis Trares were brothers born in Kirschshausen 9 years apart…sons of Matthias Trares

    Thanks again for the continuing Saga of the Knapp-Trares families
    Joannie Trares Genne’


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