An open letter to Congress: Fix the roof!

U.S. Capitol Rotunda near statue of George Washington

I realize economic times are tough for a lot of Americans – and for a lot of countries as well. Even the United States is facing a big challenge when it comes to funding infrastructure repairs to bridges, highways, public buildings, etc.

But when I ran across an item in the New York Times about the U.S. Capitol Building being in serious trouble due to more than 1,300 cracks in the building’s roof – well, it really bothered me.

I was fortunate back in the mid-1980’s to visit the U.S. Capitol. One of the highlights of our visit was standing in the middle of the Rotunda and gazing up in awe at the magnificent fresco painted on the Dome’s ceiling.

I don’t want to get into politics here – that’s not the purpose of this blog.

But I do wish to send a message to members of Congress to find a way to come together to fix the leaky roof of this building. It’s part of our history as a nation and a people – and it deserves to be preserved.

Unfortunately, the cost won’t be cheap – some $61 million, according to the article in the N.Y. Times.

But none of us would hesitate to fix our home’s leaking roof – so why the delay for one of our nation’s architectural and historical treasures?

View a 360-degree view of the Capitol’s Rotunda here and other parts of this grand old building as well.

This is a part of a wonderful website that provides a lot of information about the history of Capitol Hill buildings. You can also see high resolution photos of all of the art treasures housed in the Hill’s other public buildings. This site is worth a visit – the photos are great.

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