Looking for a few good men…or one woman!

We need YOU!

The other day most of you should have received a message from Uncle Gary. In case you didn’t see it, the Knapp Clan is seeking a volunteer to take over the helm for planning the next annual family reunion in July.

Here is Gary’s message:

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I may have to cancel this summer’s reunion. July 7, 2012.  We have some issues (medical and personal) that have to be taken care of. One of which is our daughter Kristin’s wedding.  I hate to do this but it is too much to handle right now.  We are also taking care of my father and mother -in -law.  If somebody wants to take over this for this summer, let me know. I would be glad to help.  I am sorry if you made plans. Let me know what they are. Keep checking Knappnotes for any updates.

Uncle Gary

This would be a perfect opportunity for some of the younger members of the Knapp Clan to step up to the plate – and take charge.

Gary and Cathy Knapp and their kids worked tirelessly on the last few reunions. Last year they graciously hosted the mini-reunion at their home in Stow. And a great time was had by all, I might add…

Now, they need a hand as other family commitments will be taking most of their time – and energy – during the next year.

If anyone is up to the challenge, please give Gary and Cathy a call. I know they are looking forward to hearing from you. And hoping someone will want to give this a try.

And best wishes to Kristin on her wedding plans!

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