Memorial Day Remembrance

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but I felt the need to take a bit of a break.

Plus both Mark and I have been recovering from a rather nasty respiratory virus that still has us both coughing.

But we were well enough last Sunday to depart for Atlanta to visit (another) John Knapp.

We were lucky to enjoy perfect weather during the entire trip. Beautiful sunshine, hot (but not humid!) weather – and no rain!!!

For that week of sunshine, we were both extremely grateful. It helped us both get rid of the Ohio gloomies and recover from this virus.

I don’t have to tell anyone from this area what a long, hard winter – and a very gray, cold, wet spring it has been for anyone in northeast Ohio. I wish I could have taken the entire state of Ohio with us to Atlanta – as I think we ALL need some sunshine and warmth for a change.

However, we are enjoying some intermittent sun this holiday weekend – and for that we are also thankful!

I know that most of you are busy with Memorial Day BBQ s, family get-togethers, and other fun holiday plans.

But let’s not forget to take a moment to stay a prayer for all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedom.

A heartfelt thank you also to all who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. military. Thank you for your service.

And to those the warriors leave behind to hold down the fort at home: We applaud your courage, strength and faith.

So while you are enjoying time with family and friends this holiday weekend, take a moment to remember our warriors and their families. Pray for their swift and safe return to their families as soon as their missions around the globe have been completed.

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