Transcript of the last will and testament of Francis Adam Knapp

Thanks to cousin Nancy again out in Colorado for sharing her transcript of our immigrant ancestor’s will, Franz (Francis) Adam Knapp.

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all

I Frances Adam Knapp of the township of Randolph County of Portage & State of Ohio do make and publish my last will & testament.

Item 1st It is my wish that all my just debts be paid out of the money due me on notes against my son John. And the expenses of my last sickness & funeral be paid out of the assets of the farm coming to me from my son John.

Item 2nd And I give & bequeath to my beloved wife in lieu of  ____  forty five dollars out of the money when collected on the one hundred & one dollar note I hold against my son John. Also all my share of the produce of the farm after paying my sickness & funeral expenses out of the same due me annually from my son John during his natural life together with all the household & kitchen furniture in the house including cooking stove.

And I give and bequeath to my son John all the personal property on the farm this ___award to him including ___ of all kinds farming tools & all that belongs to the farm including all the crops on the same reserving the one third of all after this years crops that is the same as 1845 which John has bound himself to pay for myself & his mothers support. I also give & bequeath to my Daughter Margaret Spillman five dollars to be paid out of the note last due I hold against my son John.

Item 3rd I give & bequeath to my 2nd daughter Elizabeth Kelly fifty dollars to be paid out of the money when due on a one hundred dollar note I hold against my son John. I also bequeath to my 3rd daughter Elizabeth fifty dollars to be paid out of the last mentioned notes I hold against my son John when it becomes due.

Item 4th I also bequeath to my 4th daughter Eve fifty dollars to be paid out of the last note due I hold against my son John.

Item 5th I do hereby nominate & appoint my beloved wife guardian of my daughter Elizabeth 2nd and my daughter Eve until they arrive at the age of eighteen years.

Item 6th I do nominate & appoint my beloved brother John A Knapp executor of my last will & testament.


I do hereby revoke all former will by me made.

In testimony where I have herewith set my hand & seal this fourteenth day of July Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & forty five.

Signed by us in his presence

E.P. Brainerd

Joseph Schroeder

Francis A. Knapp

Last Will & Testament

July 14, 1845

Will & Testimony filed

February 17, 1846

Horace B. Beebe Clerk

Recorded Book 1 of Wills

Page 356

The State of Ohio Portage County SS

We the undersigned do make solemn oath that we will truly honestly impartially appraise the estate and property that may be exhibited to us belonging to the estate of Francis Adam Knapp deceased and perform the other duties required by law of us in the premises according to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

E P Brainerd

Sworn to by E P Brainerd before me February 20, 1846

William Stedman J. Peace

Joseph Schroeder

George Horning

The above affidavit

sworn to and subscribed by Joseph Schroader & George Horning before me March 14, AD 1846

E P  Brainerd J Peace

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