Just trying out my latest toy…

I have had my eye on Apple’s iPad for quite some time, but I waited until some of the hype died down before I decided to get one.

So far, I am falling in love with this little gizmo!

It is so much easier to lug around to meetings than my planner or my laptop. The interface is fun to use and intuitive. There is a learning curve, like any other new piece of hardware or software, but it isn’t that bad.

And, as I have said many times before, it is much easier to go from a PC to a Mac than vice versa.

I can have everything at my fingertips, too, which I really like.

So far, other than the chunk of change I had to plunk down for this thing, I don’t see a downside. Maybe the convenience factor will let me post more often to this blog.

The only other downside is we are still waiting for FamilyTreemaker to develop an iPad version of their genealogy software.


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