One person’s experience with the grandparent scam

After my last post about the darker side of genealogy, I received some comments from Nancy Knapp Shepard, our cousin from Colorado. She has first-hand experience with the lengths that a scammer will go to in order to prey on older adults.

Nancy had this to say in an email to me about the incident:

Regarding the grandparent scam.  We keep an eye on an elderly neighbor and last year she received a call asking her to wire money to Canada to get her granddaughter out-of-jail.  They said she had been picked up for a DUI.

They had all the family names, addresses, everything.  Thankfully she said that she would contact her attorney and get back to them.  Certainly saved her lots of grief.  I suggested that she call her daughter and when she did, [she] found out that the granddaughter was at home.

So be careful out there, folks!

And watch out for you older relatives, friends and neighbors. Share this information with them so they don’t fall for this scheme.

Let’s do everything we can to help the guys in blue put these thieves where they belong – behind bars!

And thanks, Nancy, for being willing to share your story with others.

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