Where did my tab go on Knapp Notes?

If things look a little different to you on Knapp Notes, don’t worry – it’s not your imagination.

I had some time yesterday to do some “housekeeping” on the site – I reorganized some of the sections to make things a little easier to find – and created some new tabs to allow for expanding the options available.

Some of the changes include:

  • Adding a new tab called Genealogy How-To’s
  • Adding a new tab called Local History
  • Splitting the Document Gallery into sections on a drop-down menu, with separate sections for:
    • Births
    • County Histories
    • Deaths
    • Family Trees
    • Marriages
    • Military Records
    • Obituaries
    • Moving the Links and Templates tabs under the Genealogy How-To’s tab
    • Password-protecting everything under the Document Gallery, Our Heritage and Photo Gallery tabs

Why all the changes?

I want to start putting more genealogical research online for other Knapp-Kline researchers – the goal being to make the site easy to use and more interesting.

Some of the new tabs don’t have information housed there – at least, not yet.

But there will be new items being added periodically, so stop by often to check and see what’s new.

Also, if you have an item to share – like a recipe, photo, birth certificate, death certificate, obituary, photo of a tombstone, recording, video – whatever you think you want to share with the rest of the family, please let me know and I will post it.

This site isn’t just for family reunion time. It is designed to be a year-round resource for the whole Knapp clan. Use it to spark discussions with your children and grandchildren. You may be surprised where some of these discussions take you. And it’s a good way to pass down some stories of your own to your kids and grandkids.

So don’t be a stranger to Knapp Notes the rest of the year – stay tuned for more!

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