Quick announcement about t-shirts – and a 2010 Reunion update!

I was asked to provide the Youth sizes available on the t-shirts:

  • Small (5-6)
  • Medium (10-12)
  • Large (14-16)
  • Extra Large (18-20)

I also wanted share a few photos of your Reunion Committee working hard at the planning meeting held Wednesday night to put together a dynamite 2010 Knapp Family Reunion!

Just want everyone to know that no matter how hard we are working, we always take time for a few laughs, to share a story or two and enjoy some great food! Thanks to all the Knapp ladies who have been keeping us all well-supplied with snacks!

I want everyone to take a close look at the third/final photo as it is my personal favorite. Notice Gary’s expression? I think he had just totaled up all the items left on his “To Do” list for the 2010 Reunion…don’t worry, Gary – we’ve got your back!

Joann, John, Mark, and Cathy Knapp @ Gary and Cathy's home

Linda, Sophie, Kristin, Stephen, Gary and Tom Knapp gathered around the dining room table

OK, this is my personal favorite. Look at Gary's expression! Sophie, Gary, Tom, and Joann Knapp.

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